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The Dictionary of Anglo-American Idioms and Phrases

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When I was a student and watched the TV show Friends, I was always amazed at how many idioms and phrases I did not know.Despite the long hours I spent learning lists of vocabulary, thesecornerstones of the English language always seemed somehow to evade myfrantic moves to be perfectly bilingual.


Let’s face facts:college, at least in France, is nowhere near being capable of teachinga foreign language properly, let alone that which is actually spoken bypeople in the street. The English taught in university classes isstandard, bland English, cleansed of what makes it a real language,i.e. one that tells the story of a people. Idioms and phrases are whatmakes a language more than a mere tool for communication.


When Iwas a student, I set out on a quest for a work of reference, a handbookwhich would gather them and make them available to me. I did not findthat handbook, and decided therefore to craft it myself, and here it is.


I am very proud to annouce the publishing of my second book, hot from the press. It is entitled The Dictionary of Anglo-American Idioms and Phrases,and contains almost 3000 phrases and idioms from all flavors of theEnglish language (American, English, Scottish, Australian, Kiwi, etc).


ISBN: 978-2-917245-01-9

Publisher: Editions Scholar

Copyright: © 2009 Alcino FERREIRA.

Price: € 21.00 (only!)


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