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Basic English Vocabulary

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Basic English Vocabulary for Elementary Students of English is a handbook designed to help beginners learn the basic of everyday life in English. All fields are dealt with:

  • People (describing a person, character, heath and illness, clothes, family, etc)
  • Time (what time is it?, the weather, seasons, birthdays, weddings, holidays, etc)
  • Going places (shops, in the street, traveling abroad, restaurants and cafés, etc)
  • I n the office (computers, office lingo, etc)
  • In the classroom (school subjects, education and degrees, etc)
  • How much? (money, quantities, numbers, etc)
  • Leisure (hobbies, cinema, theatre, etc)

On top of that, since th book was conceived primarily for students of the French Navy's petty officers' school, it has a specific chapter on the navy, the armed forces, war and military life .

An absolute must have!

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