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Alcino Ferreira's personal webpage

The NCIS interactive fiction:
  • ADRIFT Runner: The program you need to play my story. Download it, install it, then launch it and go into the Adventure menu. Select Open, and find the file of the story you want to play.
  • NCIS Lab Rats: The story itself. Use the program to open it. [DOWNLOAD IT]

COLREGS through practice

This is a program I made while deployed on board FS Tonnerre, during the EAOM2016 mission that took me from La Réunion to Israel, thru the Seychelles, Djibouti, the Red Sea and the Suez canal.
The goal of the program is to revise COLREG VHF communications. The program presents 9 situations covering rules 11-18, allows for practice, and gives audio correction for each exercise.

Software for Children:

These are small applications I built for my three-year-old son and his class. they are free to use and distribute.
  • Océanopolis : A small program designed around the school outing at the Océanopolis Sea Life Center, in Brest, France. The program is in French and allows a couple of activities centered around colors, sizes, shapes, and of course the 8 species which the children learnt about on that great day of fun. [DOWNLOAD IT !]
  • Emotions : A little game around emotions and feelings. For French-speaking 4-year-olds (and older). [DOWNLOAD IT !]
Miscellaneous pieces of software...
  • Exam Timer : a free-to-distribute exam timer. Just type in the time you want the exam to last, click set, and then click start. A timer will count down the minutes left. An alarm clock sound will signal that time is up. [DOWNLOAD IT !]